Sunday, February 24, 2008


Listen carefully.

About Pencil-Man,

He has a pencil made out of G0ld and if he draws anything it becomes real . so He drew a giant pencil .
It could fly in outer space.And it can become a jet plane, or an F-16 or even a robot!

But thats what made the thieves come after him, so he made himself a cool bullet-proof costume with a cape and he added (meaning drew something that added) something to his pencil that could shoot giant erasers.

Then he drew a medium size pencil that follows him everywhere he could jump on it anytime and soar through the air.

And he drew a small pencil that could shoot ink stickier than super glue and erase walls.
But its only his pencil not his paper, he can only use one paper once.

If u have any questions just ask me, i might not be able to answer them



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