Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Finishing Episode

After arresting the gang, Pencil-Man went back to the jewelry store.
Help!, cried the owner, i found this letter and my important watch is gone.
pencil-man took the letter and read it:
If you would like your watch back leave 9000000000$ at the library.
Pencil-man frowned and looked around,
"This is about the tenth time i have to fight the roman numaral robber" he said.
Just then pencil-man had a thought, "Wait a minute" he told himself.
Then he back flipped on to the jewelry store owner and he arrested him for 7 years.

Find Out Next Week Why

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The case of the unconscious jewelry store owner

'tis the first episode

Pencil-man was walking down the street in his secret identity, no one knew who pencil-man was. When he was walking, he heard a loud BANG! He ran to the place it was coming from, and he saw the owner of the jewelry store laying on the floor unconscious. He ran to him to see if the owner was okay and breathing, and he was. He called the ambulance and the police and when the owner was better he told pencil-man what happened.
"I was packing up to leave the store when i heard footsteps behind me," said the owner, "I turned to look when a man growled not to turn or he'll shoot me, then they knocked me down and beat me, then they took 3 of th most expensive diamond all worth together $50,000, and then they left leaving me unconscious!" pencil-Man asked, "Did you see anything odd or typical about them?" "Only one thing, they were all dressed in rags and had scarf on their heads," said the owner. Pencil-Man thought, "The Gang!!" Then pencil-man said bye and went out of the hospital.
He went in an alley, put on his costume and flew away. He searched the places the gang hid. He found them staring at the diamond. He sneaked behind them, put non-feeling handcufs on them that he invented. Then he shouted so loudly that the gang jumped up, "FREEZE!" They were trapped and got arrested for life, and they returned the diamonds.

This isn't a complete episode i will finish later